Monday, 30 July 2012

The Tour

Not sure how I managed it but I did go to the Tour. As soon as It was looking like we could have a winner it seemed right to go.
I only really managed one decent picture of Wiggins which was here on the Mur De Peguere
He came over the top leading the bunch and I was jumping around I nearly fell down the bank behind me.
This was the stage where he waited for Cadel after the tacks got threw on the road. I had ridden about 50 miles of the stage before I arrived on the climb and it was bedlem. I was getting cheers, screams, allez allez allez all the way up to the top and even the Gendarme brigade on the summit clapped as you arrived. There were thousands of people up there.
Twenty minutes after the riders had gone through I plummeted down the descent back to Foix at breakneck speed with a load of French club riders. It was Chaos in Foix as it was in most of the places I went.
But just to say I was there.
I will post more pictures when I get time.

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