Monday, 14 November 2011

A very special day

Sunday was an amazing day. The weather forecast was good for the Lake District and whilst there was a fell race or two knocking about it was time to go and pay my respects properly. I have wanted to climb up to Gable summit for years but never got around to it.
So early doors Sunday morning I left and headed north.
Seathwaite was very busy with lots of walkers heading up various routes to the summit ready for 11o clock to visit the Fell and Rock memorial that is placed n the top of Gable.
It was a strange feeling skipping past the walkers heading up. Many comments to be had. How do you run uphill, your making it look easy, will you carry our rucksack, and many more. Whilst we fellrunners cover the ground faster, walkers have one thing over us fellrunners. They see more.
But this day was to be amazing. Ace views over the whole of the Lake District. Fell Tops were picked out. BG summits could be traced and Tarns could be seen but remained unnamed as I had forgotten the names.
Just before 11 oclock a speech was made and hundreds of us stayed silent to remember.
It was so special just standing there. In silence. I will never forget it.
Soon after the run continued and another 90 minutes of fellrunning passed by before it was time to head back.

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  1. Your last photo is lovely and touching. Nice post. -- Susie C.