Monday, 10 January 2011

Shining Cliffs Race

David Denton organises these local fell races. Not sure how many I have done over the years but its a fair few. He has come up with a new start venue for this years races. The Bear Inn at Alderwasley makes for a brilliant venue. Good parking and nice food. I have cycled past it many times but never been in before now.
It was very cold for the start and very windy. A different route around the woods with a short first lap and a slightly longer second lap. The second part of each lap contacined the climbing and I was mindfull of that as I set off. Part way through the second lap I caught the leading two runners but I think they were just not sure of the direction of the race route. As soon as we got to near the finish they pulled away and I was left to come in thrid place. Not bad for the first race of the year.
Shining Cliffs is a good venue and I will try to do all three races this year but no doubt I will get sidetracked with other races.

The Bear Inn at Alderwasley

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