Saturday, 8 January 2011

Just a picture

Now there is a picture at the spin biking studio that I go to that has this man in it yet sadly no one at spin has a clue who he is. The first day they put the picture up a lot of people that go there was impressed. Its been blown up and made into a huge picture.
Yet no one knew the rider.
I walked through the spin bike doors a few days after it had been hung on the wall and was asked if I knew who it was.
Hmmm 4 seconds later I replied its Charly Gaul and he's riding up the Col D Izoard.
Everyone laughed and said only you Darren

On Mt Ventoux

Not sure what mountain this is but its not the best mountain road is it

One of the most gifted climbers ever. Painfully thin and always looking unhappy on the bike. He ripped the peloton apart in the mountains especially when the weather was bad.
The Angel of the Mountains
Charly Gaul

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