Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bradbourne Fell Race

A rain soaked Bradbourne race this morning and I mean soaked. The heaven's opened before, during and after the race. Fair play to David Denton who puts these races on. Many a budding fellrunner has tried one of David's local fell races out and gone on to do loads more and been bitten by the fellrunning and racing bug. I faired okay and felt pretty good. Its wise to take these 2 x lap affairs pretty within your limits on the first lap or you pay big time in the latter parts of lap 2. By halfway I was in 5th position and thats were I finished. I couldnt catch the guy in front and I didnt want to go mad as It's the Ben Nevis race next week ( If I get there). Now I say mad but when I have ever been confronted with water crossings in races I just have to fly at them. Both laps I tried to clear the water which s impossible but who cares I did my best.
A great race and for anyone thinking about trying a race for the first time this one fits the bill. Great atmosphere, ot usually this wet though.
David Dentons website is easily found.

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