Sunday, 8 August 2010

Borrowdale Fell Race

Well the Borrowdale Race was very wet again this year and conditions were very tricky underfoot. Lots of boggy section from Bessyboot summit all the way across to Esk Hause really. I made sure I didnt get the hunger knock like last year early on and had a shot block on the first climb. From Esk Hause I faired better on the rock, a plunge down the Corridor Route and a good line across to Styhead Tarn. I followed the main path off Gable down to Windy Gap and the made good over to Honister. The final climb up Dale Head went well and I was climbing up with Gavin Bland. One of the top fell runners of all time. The descent off Dale Head was typical for me, legs shot and drifting all over. I blasted down the old quarry section and ran up the track to the finish. My best time yet, bang on 3 hrs 39mins. I would dearly love to get under 3 1/2 hours for this race. It would have to be dry and I would need a bit of luck with the right lines. Maybe next year.
A great race and I will be back once again.

These are not the fell shoes I ran the race in but a new pair that I got from Blands at the race. My neighbour had a good laugh at them today saying they were bright and odd. I took a picture of them at one of the stiles. Im going to go back to walshs for a bit. Ive not run in these for a couple of years and today was the first time I hae tried these Walsh Ultras. They seem fine, only time will tell. They wont stay this bright for long

The Pete Bland Fellrunning Van


  1. Congratulations Daz, a great result mate! (thinking of switching back to Walshes myself - will be watching with interest...)

  2. that's a brilliant time, well done! i'd like to have a go at this race. tried to enter last year but was rejected for not enough experience :(