Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Rodney's Pillar

Today Badger and myself visited Criggion Quarry just inside the Welsh border. Ive been going there for years and have probably ran up to Rodneys Pillar that stands above the quarry several dozen times. A quick inspection of the large mining bucket thats in the picture and then it was straight into the car park, change into my fell shoes and off up to the summit.
Badger as usual reached the top way before I did and I have to say my legs were aching after doing the Skyline race on Sunday.
I took some pictures on the top and met two guys who were taking some disabled children on a walk to the summit. They all took it in turns to pat badger and I think the two adults were amazed that someone could actually run all the way to the Pillar from the car park.
I told them that the job they was doing with the children was more amazing than me just simply running up a hill.

The worn bucket, nothing that cant be fixed.

Badger at the trig, which stands just to the side of Rodneys Pillar. He has that smug look on his face that says. Yes Ive beaten you to the top again Darren.

The Pillar from the road

Badger is miles in front as I just manage to snap him on camera before he reaches the top.

So if your ever that way and near Criggion I can recommend a quick run to the top. There is a fell race that goes to the Pillar but Ive never done it. Maybe one day.


  1. Nice photos Daz, of an area I know quite well. There are actually 2 races up there, one's a handicap which I've not managed to do. The other one is part of the Shropshire winter series and the last ascent is up to the pillar.

  2. Lovely photos Daz, the second to last is my favourite