Monday, 22 March 2010

3 trigs, well nearly, a bell and a ladder close by

Thats not the name of the race but thats about what you get on the Skyline race. At 21ish miles and prob about 4500ft of upping as some say its a tough challenge. This is my 4th race and this year conditions seemed near perfick. After the disaster at the Hobble I needed a good performance. My leg still isnt right and I started the race with a bit of pain but all the way around it didnt seem to trouble me too much.
A tough climb up to Ringing Roger and then its all the way round and up to Win Hill. Pick up the stashed water and gels at the foot of Lose Hill. I managed to run all the way up here which told me I was going well. A stampede down to Hollins Cross via the woods then its a slow trudge past the masses and up to the marshalls at Mam Tor. Now a lot of people say the race starts her but for me the race doesnt start until you have run along Rushup Edge and started the climb to Brown Knoll. Its a long way but soon enough im cutting the corner after Jacobs Ladder and heading over to the Woolpacks. This part of the race requires a bit of navigation. Chink through the rocks and follow the peat hags until you reach the path and then your back on the main walkers path. Get it wrong and all of your hard work for three quarters of the race is blown out of the water.
Its now a dash around to Grindslow Knoll summit, up to the marshalls and turn back on yourself then just basically head back round to Ringing Roger and a quick descent down to the finish in the field below.
I had a bit of a race down the zig zags with two guys from Dark Peak Fellrunners and the results will show that they just managed to pip me at the end. I was satisfied at that point just to have a good day without to much pain in my left leg.

The approach toRinging Roger, no bells though. Picture below shows me not actually sprinting, but these long fell races are a trudge. Get your pace wrong early on and pay for it you most certainly will. Note my trusty Seiko watch. Ive never carried a stopwatch and Id actually be hard pressed to tell you many of my race times.

Win Hill trig point, 1st half of the race
Mam Tor trig point, halfway

Brown Knoll trig point. We dont actually visit this trig as the ground is very badly eroded and the race tries not to make matters worse by actually taking the line to the left of the trig.

So I managed a decent run, not sure of my position as I didnt stay for the results to be put out. At the finish I helped to hold a stretcher for a young lady called Kate who had taken a bad fall in the race. The Mountain Rescue guys soon had her sorted and me being me just had to give a hand. We carried her down to the race HQ to receive treatment. She seemed in good spirits and hopefully makes a speedy recovery.

Brilliantly organised and well marshalled.


  1. i'm disappointed, i was expecting a tale of up and down from GK to RR ;)

  2. Maybe he hadn't eaten all his porridge?!