Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Riber Fell Race

Last night I finished work and went up to Lea Green for the Riber Fell race. Now I have gone wrong on this route before. Even though its fairly local I dont know the route very well. All was going okay and I was in 4th place but around a quarter of the way into the race the front three runners carried straight on instead of turning right along the track. I duly followed them and that was the end of that. I retraced the half mile that we had gone wrong and carried on around the route. A battle with the lad who was with the front three gave me a decent workout but to be honest when you have taken a wrong turn your head goes. On a short race you cannot gain back the places. A blast back to Lea Green and then a walk with Badger who I swear was laughing as I entered the finish funnel.
Never mind next year I will try again. Thats fellracing. Thats why it says LK on the entry. ( Local Knowledge required) and NS ( Navigational Skills needed).
Maybe I should have looked at the map

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