Friday, 19 February 2010

The ridge

Now this is Badger's favorite run. Its the first Fell I took him on for a run and he has never forgotten it. The famous ridge from Mam Tor over to Lose Hill is one of the most popular routes in the Peak District. A bit to busy for my liking and I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it, as my usual memory is trudging up it on the Edale Skyline Race about to begin the second half.

These flashy new signs are all over the District now. Personally I think there should be no signs. To many people venture onto the hills and expect a route to be marked out for them. Its amazing how many people I know have said , " Oh we never strayed off the ridge". Its probably why the path is so worn.

The shimmering Mountain as is known. The road collapsed and you now drive up Winnats Pass.

Badger having a root around on Lose Hill

Now he is fed up probably because he has seen me get the camera out.

Yes that lonely tree. God knows how it survives

Hollins Cross mid way across the ridge.
Im not sure how many times Badger and myself have crossed it but its a lot. My best memory of this little stone monument is that its near the finish on the High Peak Marathon.


  1. Know that 'Oh no, not stopping for another bloody photo' look from Spook all too well

  2. I have the same relationship as I injured my ankle coming town towards castleton and had to hobble back to the car