Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Stoney Middleton Fell Race

Stoney Middleton Fell Race
A short mid week race this one and I was not looking forward to the start as it just goes on and on up the road out of the village of Stoney Middleton which is very steep. A few of our club had turned up for this race and most seemed to have an excuse of an injury or problem as to why they was not going to run well.
I used to smile at older runners when they said to me wait until your older and see what its like.
I now am that runner. At 38 the last couple of years have been harder to keep the training mileage up without getting niggles or twinges. Although ive never really ( touchwood ) been injured I do get lots of pain and cannot honestly say I ever run pain free but then again its like that for lots of runners.
Probably down to the years spent welding and working on site in all weathers. Heavy engineering is a hard trade and it takes its toll. Thankfully I can now leave that to the younger generation.
This wasnt a good course for me as there was loads of trail and road. Hardly a fell race really, more cross country than fell. The roughest and most technical part came three quarters of the way in on the descent were there was a bit of wet limestone to overcome. Maybe i wasnt focused correctly but as I flung myself down the descent and rapidly gained position on the runner in front of me I came a cropper. Bang id hit my knee at full pelt on a tree trying to negotiate a log. The pain was unreal but I managed to hobble on and eventually start running after a few hundred yards. Thankfully I didnt lose any position and was mighty pleased to see the finish funnel in the playing field.
My knee had another fresh gash in it but nothing to serious. Painfull but certainly not requiring stitches.
After going through the usual never doing it again scenario for ten minutes after the race I sat in the back of the van and said to myself I would probably be back next year.

Another injury ( only a scratch though)
So another race completed and I was fairly satisfied with my place in the field. It was a lovely night mind and you have to remeber those, as winter soon comes round. And winter fell races are a different ball game altogether than summer mid week races. A quick lime and soda in the pub in the village and off home.

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